Sherrod Brown is an important man in the democratic party. As a senior senator from Ohio he has been one of the leading liberal voices for labor, and one of the most ardent supporters of the president. He is a democratic rock star, so why is he tied in a senate race against a 34 year old with no national government experience?

Josh Mandel is a rising star in the GOP. He is the current treasurer of Ohio and a former Ohio state representative from Cleveland. He is a tea-party affiliate and many people believe he will become the next Marco Rubio.

It is this stark contrast to Brown that has Mandel so close in this race. Brown is falling victim to the recent trend in which rich conservative donors give massive amounts of money to conservative candidates for the sake of ousting liberal ones. In 2011 the National Journal named Brown the most liberal member of congress, and since then there has been massive support for republican candidates who have proposed to run against him.

And with money coming in from all over the country to support Mandel, Brown is finding it difficult to keep up, even as the incumbent. In April, the Huffington Post reported that over 5 million dollars had already been spent on negative ads against Brown by outside groups.

With all this outside money it will be interesting to see if

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