It would be refreshing to get a brief respite from the madness of presidential election coverage if it didn't come on such a sad  day. Looking at my NBC News beat assignment I am reminded of how I spent that day. 

I was in Mrs. Stevens' fourth grade classroom with my good friend Michael Klunder. We were in extremely good spirits that morning as I had turned 10 years old the day before, and his birthday was that day. I remember our teacher leaving for the school office early in the morning, and coming back in a panicked state, and trying to explain what had happened to a group of hyper children. My mom picked me up from school a short while later and we spent the rest of the day watching the news.

As a ten year old, a tragedy like that was difficult to comprehend. It wasn't until much later that I really understood the immensity of what had happened. Looking back, my 9/11 experience was mostly watching the shocked adults around me react.

This is why I always find it interesting to see the coverage of 9/11 anniversary services. 11 years later we are winding down the wars that the attack started. We caught and killed those who were most responsible. Memorials have been erected and stories have been told. Yet there is still a great amount of pain in this country. 

NBC News does a good job showing this pain in their coverage. Their photo streams and articles show the hurt that still remains in those most affected by the attacks, and the solemnity with which we all handle this day. With many relatives working in Washington DC and New York that morning, I can't help but think of how the events of that day could have been so drastically different for me. 

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