Although I am a bit disappointed that I did not manage to draw my hometown newspaper The Washington Post as my semester beat assignment in my elections class, I am glad that I managed to pull down another one of my favorite news agencies in NBC News. As an avid watcher of Meet the Press and fan of the network's Nightly News program, the home of Brain Williams and Chuck Todd has always been good to me. As one of the world's most respected news outlets NBC News should provide extensive coverage of the 2012 election from a national point of view.

So on a night when former president Bill Clinton presented one of the most memorable political speeches in years at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, I expected the website to be in full swing with coverage. I was not disappointed.

Shortly after the speech was completed, NBC News had posted a video of the speech online, along with reaction from pundits on the floor, including Chris Matthews and Darrell Hammond, who used to portray Clinton in Saturday Night Live sketches.
I also have to point out how much i love NBC's video player. In my apartment where every video player I have ever encountered lags due to slow internet, NBC's works seamlessly.

Beyond general news gathering, NBC News also offers a lot of tools for examining the election. There is easy access to polls right on the front page. A color coded map of the United states breaks down where the battle grounds are and which states are likely to fall to which party. One thing that is very intriguing is a chart showing President Obama's voter confidence index, which is a tool used by NBC News to measure the electorate's confidence in the president at any given time.
Most importantly, NBC News has an entire section of its website devoted to election coverage, which will make my beat a whole lot easier.

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