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The selection of ABC news Senior Foreign Correspondent Martha Raddatz as host for the Vie Presidential debate has created quite a stir. GOP loyalists have been quick to point out ties between her and the Obama administration, as well as between the Obama administration and the Commission on Presidential debates.

Raddatz was formerly married to FCC Chairman and former Obama classmate Julius Genachowski. The concern of the conservative right is that the Obama administration was able to muscle in a moderator that they chose, or that Raddatz may have biases of her own. It is unclear weather Raddatz ever even met the future president while married to Genachowski.

Members of the Obama Administration have been slow to comment on the situation. In an article by Josh Peterson of the Daily Caller, Mike McCurry, co-chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates is quoted as saying "We selected the moderators based on their reputations for integrity and journalistic impartiality among other things. What counts is the quality of their work, not who they have been married to in the past."

In my humble opinion, this is nothing more than opposition rabble rousing. It is not unique to any one party, as I can guarantee the liberal side of politics would be doing the same thing if someone with Romney connections had been chosen to host the debate. What is more important is Raddatz's ability to control the flow of conversation during the debate. Too often candidates are asked questions and then allowed to sidestep the answer to avoid bad press, or are given softball questions. If Raddatz can hold the candidates to the fire and make them answer questions then

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