Well this one throws me for a loop. I'm supposed to write about religion for this week's post. It is the day of Jesus' rising from the dead, and the week of Passover. A Big deal in the religious community. So one would think that a time honored news organization like The Seattle Times would be vast in their coverage of such an important yearly event. Not so.

According to the website city-data.com, 37.2% of King County is Christian. Of that percentage, more than 86% affiliates themselves as Christian. This is a significant portion of the King County community that "cares" or has a vested interest in Easter.Yet, The Times  only has a few religious articles on its website.

In fact, the most prominent "Easter Related" article had to do with a peep sculpture competition. While the competition has some brilliant pieces – see "peep impact" in the slideshow above, a play on the 1998 film Deep Impact staring Robert Duvall and Tea Leoni – the article is useless as far as religious articles go.

There were some cool religious articles posted on the website. There was one associated press piece about Christians in the Middle East that was posted today. Again, the coverage was not totally lacking, just totally lack from The Times' reporters. The top three articles on the site on Sunday had nothing to do with eater at all, though.

The top article was about a former sex-offender who had been accused of rape. The number two article was bout the potential trade of the Seahawks' Matt Flynn to Oakland. Nothing stops the football machine. The Third is about an event that could lead to NBA basketball returning to the emerald city, a story that has more than just sports implications.

The Times is a great paper, but they didn't cover Easter for some reason, even in a market that theoretically demands it. The only explanation is that their local beat writers chose not o cover a story they had in the past, and chose to cover something else. I have no problem with this in and of itself, but it does make it difficult to cover re

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