Ann Romney, right, is introduced before her speech
Ann Romney appeared at the Marquette old Gymnasium in a routine campaign stop hosted by the Marquette College Republicans. The event, which focused on women, was a stereotypical wife of the candidate campaign stop, with no major implications for the Romney campaign.

Among the speakers,invited to the event was Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, who spent a significant portion of time railing against the "liberal media." This is one of the far right talking points that bothers me the most, because I believe it is bad for the country. This "conservative vs. liberal to the death" style of politics is damaging to the country. We saw it with the deficit ceiling debates of last summer, where the two sides couldn't get together long enough to agree to pay their own bills, and ended up downgrading the US's credit rating. This concept of being against the media makes it impossible for the media to fulfill their role as the fourth estate and properly inform the voting population.

Now that I have finished my rant, I can talk about Romney's speech, which was really nothing special. It was exactly what you would expect from a wife of the candidate. She told a few folksy anecdotes about her husband and tried to show omen in the state how Mitt Romney would fight for them. She made routine references to an "Army of Women" in Wi. that would be supporting the Romney/Ryan ticket.

What makes this assertion interesting is the poll numbers that were released the day of the speech. A poll that day had Obama favored by 16 points, 54-38, among women voters in Wi. Perhaps the "Army of Women" is not as large as she let on.

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